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The modern man is evolving—breaking away from the conventional expectations of masculinity and redefining the boundaries of its very expression. With this new-found autonomy, men are no longer chained to a simplistic vision of manhood that doesn’t complement their convictions and ambitions. At PINYO, we have embraced this new freedom and built a collection of core accessories and jewelry that empowers the dynamic man to express himself distinctively and creatively with confidence. With bold themes and exceptional customization, every man can choose a piece from any of our lines that is innovative and authentic, suiting him and his lifestyle perfectly and for a lifetime.

It is not just design that drives us at PINYO: quality and craftsmanship are paramount and  vitalize every piece of our collection. From rose gold and emerald to sterling silver and onyx, all of our raw materials are sourced from only the very finest metals and stones from around the world. Our team of artisan jewelers then unifies these elements, building each piece by hand. At PINYO, we are proud of this zealous process as it ensures each element of every piece is of exceptional quality and construction.